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Prescription Drug Plan

Announcement: Patent Expiration and Generic Availability

There are several medications which have had, or will have, their patents expire. The expiration of these U.S. patents will allow generic versions to be manufactured and sold at a much lower cost than the brand name counterparts. Members who choose to switch to a generic alternative will save themselves, and the plan, additional costs which are frequently associated with higher-priced, brand medications.

To help inform members of their new cost saving alternatives, the Court has asked our Pharmacy Benefit Manager, Express Scripts, to send notifications to all members who may be currently using medication/s which have expired, or are soon to expire, as well as to members who may obtain new prescriptions for non-preferred brand medications in the future.
More information regarding generic alternatives may be found by logging on directly to Express Scripts at www.express-scripts.com.

General Pharmacy Information

Employees enrolled in medical coverage will automatically receive prescription drug coverage. Express Scripts is the chosen pharmacy benefit manager and will administer all prescription drug benefit for retail and mail-order services.


Effective January 1, 2011, Tier I and II prescription copays are no longer waived at Kern Medical Center or its affiliated pharmacies.


Please visit the links below for important information regarding your prescription drug coverage:


Your Prescription Drug Handbook

Preferred Prescriptions Member Guide
            (medications listed in this guide are subject to change at any time)

Prescription Reimbursement Form

Mail Order Form

Employees can access and manage their prescription drug benefits easier through the Express Scripts website.
Here are some of the useful resources, tools, and information available to you on www.express-scripts.com:

  • Prescription Drug Plan Overview – Provides an overview of the Superior Court’s Prescription Drug Plan.
  • Prescription Refill/Renewal – Access to order prescription refills and request renewals.
  • Locate a Participating Retail Pharmacy – Locate an In-Network pharmacy or verify that your current pharmacy is In-Network.
  • Price a Medication – Obtain pricing and coverage information on a variety of medications, including comparing the cost of generic to brand name medication.
  • Drug Information – Research valuable drug information.
  • Get Started with Mail Order – Learn more about this easy, convenient service.
  • Order Envelopes and Forms – Get extra claim forms and mail order envelopes.
  • Health Encyclopedia – Website visitors can access a customized version of adam.com’s medical encyclopedia to find information on symptoms, diseases, injuries, and other health conditions.
  • Health Toolbox – Members can use a series of interactive tools to help them assess, track and plan their medications and health activities, communicate with their doctor or pharmacist, and actively manage their diseases.
  • Health News – A website where visitors can view a daily feed of health-related news items written in a way that’s easy for the health care consumer to understand.
  • Nonprescription Items – Shop for nonprescription over the counter items at a discounted price.

Express Scripts



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