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Transcript Request Disclaimer / Privacy Notice
The information you provide on the following online form will be used only to process your transcript request. If your request involves copying or transcription work by a court reporter, the information provided in your request will be shared with that court reporter so they have a means of contacting you and maintaining their personal tax records.
If you need to change your contact information after sending a request, please submit another request and note in the comments that the contact information for the previous request has changed.
In the event a court reporter is waived after the first hour, the use of electronic recording is not approved to develop a future record in Family Law even if the parties stipulate to allow electronic recording. With the exception of limited civil (small claims and limited civil), misdemeanor and traffic matters, electronic recording is not authorized for the production of the official record (Government Code 69957).
If you have not heard from the court reporter or transcriber within ten (10) working days from the date of your request, please contact Anne Sanchez at (661) 868-4957.
If you are requesting a transcript and electronic recording was used and not a court reporter, then pursuant to Govt. code 69957 a transcript is not available for the following types of cases:
  • Family Law
  • Unlimited Civil
  • Criminal – Felony
Court Privacy Policy
I have read the disclaimer and agree to all of these terms and conditions
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