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Jury service is one of the most important civic duties. We recognize the sacrifices made by jurors and appreciate the significant role our jurors serve in the American Justice System. Our judiciary and administrative staff are committed to make jury service as convenient and comfortable as possible.
A Scam Warning for Jurors
A Jury Scam Alert Web page is now available on the California Courts Web site warning jurors of potential scams. More than a dozen states, including California, have issued public warnings about calls from people claiming to be court officials seeking personal information.
There is a telephone scam spreading through several counties threatening those who fail to report to jury duty with arrest fines. It is an Iphone app that advises people their name has been seen at a local court location and they are instructed to call the following number: (704)319-7242. A recording at the number advises the caller to press 1 to pay a $500 fine or to press 3 to report to jail.
Jury Staff of the Superior Court does not ask past, no show, or prospective jurors for financial information such as credit card and bank account information or personal information like Social Security Numbers. Please do not provide this type of information to anyone claiming to be associated with the courts. Please contact Jury Services immediately if you receive this type of request.
Instructions if You Have Been Summoned for Jury Duty:
Per California Rules of Court 2.1006, if you are breast feeding mother, you may request a postponement of jury duty. Please contact our jury staff at (661) 868-4700 or E-Mail Jury Services.
The following links contain general information, dates, and times to report for all groups summoned for the current week. Please read your Jury Summons carefully to see if you are to report to an East Kern Division Branch. If it does not specify a branch, you are to report to the Metropolitan Division.
How do I request an excuse from jury duty?
You may request to be excused from jury duty by clicking on Juror's Login Page to view some of the disqualifications and excuses that can be submitted on-line. You may also return the signed and dated Questionnaire Form (with proper documentation if required) and your excuse checked via mail, fax, or in person to the Jury Services Office.
To view types of excuses accepted by the Jury Commissioner please click here: Types of Excuses
You can now request a reminder call. We will attempt to contact you the evening before you are to report for jury service. However, you are still responsible for appearing on time, whether or not you receive a call. When you receive your summons, please call (661)868-4700 or 800-648-8444 and follow the instructions. You can also request a reminder text. Have your badge and pin number ready and text your badge number to (661)200-7322. You can schedule a reminder text, reschedule your service, and request a work certificate. You are still responsible for appearing on time, whether or not you receive a text.
Superior Court of California, County of Kern court employees are prohibited from giving legal advice per section 24004 and 68082 of the Government Code. In addition, court employees may not give advice as to which legal forms to use or how to complete the forms.
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