15 Mar 2019 -
RT @DowntownDragons: Annual Lottery @DowntownDragons to create rosters & waiting lists for 2019-20 with Judge Gary Friedman! Thanks to Secr…
14 Mar 2019 -
A panel of judges, lawyers, and those with personal stories spoke with @leadersinlife students today about the cons… https://t.co/4vZe0R1gtN
14 Mar 2019 - Proposed Changes to Local Rules of Court

Proposed amendments to the Superior Court of California, County of Kern, Local Rules of Court for July 1, 2019 are now available for review. Please submit any comments by April 26, 2019

12 Mar 2019 -
Today is the last day to apply!
6 Mar 2019 -
RT @CaltransDist6: KERN CANYON: Crews still working on removing the larger boulders that ended up on SR 178.
Two boulders remain (attached…
1 Mar 2019 -
Some Downtown Elementary kindergarten students surprised Judge Gary T. Friedman this morning with an award and perf… https://t.co/KaOHkmnNve
20 Feb 2019 - Mandatory Electronic Filing

Beginning March 18, 2019, all represented parties in all California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and Civil Writ petition cases are required to file all documents through Electronic Filing (E-File).

Family Law cases, Probate cases and Habeas Corpus petition cases are not required to E-File documents at this time.

Self-represented litigants are not required to E-File documents, but are encouraged to do so.

9 Nov 2018 - COMING SOON -- Mandatory Settlement Conference for Unlawful Detainers

Coming in January 2019, all Unlawful Detainers that are filed at the Metropolitan Courthouse and have an answering party, will be set for a Mandatory Settlement Conference before the Court’s Settlement Master. 

31 Aug 2018 - **NOTICE** Mandatory Electronic Filing

Effective October 1, 2018, Superior Court of California, County of Kern will require mandatory electronic filing (E‑File) by all represented parties for Unlimited Civil case types including Unlawful Detainers, but not Family Law or Probate. 

Self‑represented litigants, while not required to do so, are likewise strongly encouraged to E-File.