Misdemeanor Criminal

Process: The appellant or the attorney for the appellant files a Notice of Appeal by the deadline. The appellant must also designate a record of oral proceedings and can request appointment of appellate counsel. California Rules of Court 8.800-8.1018 govern this appeal type. For information on Writ Proceedings in Misdemeanor matters, please see Additional Information Section below.

Deadline: Within thirty (30) days of entry of the judgment or order being appealed.

Forms: CR-131-INFO, CR-132, CR-133, CR-134, CR-135, CR-136, CR-137, APP-150-INFO AND APP-151. Forms are available at all court locations during business hours and online at www.courts.ca.gov/forms. Appeals will be accepted at the Appeals Division or at the trial court in which the case was heard. Refer to California Rules of Court 2.100-2.119 for proper format.

Contact Information:

Appeals Division

1415 Truxtun Avenue

Bakersfield, CA 93301


Filing Fee: There is no filing fee for a Notice of Appeal. In some circumstances a fee to prepare a transcript from a court reporter or electronic recording may apply, see California Rule of Court 8.868 (e)(2). In some circumstances a fee for representation from a court appointed attorney may apply, see California Rule of Court 8.851.

Additional Information: Deadlines for Writ Petitions vary depending on writ type and are outlined in the Information on Writ Proceedings in Misdemeanor, Infraction and Limited Civil Cases (APP-150-INFO) form. Please see this form for full information on what a Writ Petition is, including deadlines, types of Writ Proceedings and frequently asked questions.

Filing an appeal or writ petition does not stop enforcement of a judgment. If you file appeal or writ petition you must still comply with all the conditions and terms of the judge’s order.