Appealing a Traffic Court Decision

Process: The appellant or the attorney for the appellant files a Notice of Appeal by the deadline. The appellant must also designate a record of oral proceedings. California Rules of Court 8.800-8.1018 govern this appeal type. For information on Writ Proceedings in Infraction matters, please see Additional Information Section below.

Deadline: Within thirty (30) days of entry of the judgment or order being appealed.

CR-141-INFO, CR-142, CR-143, CR-144, CR-145, APP-150-INFO AND APP-151. Forms are available at all court locations during business hours and online at Appeals will be accepted at the Appeals Division or at the trial court in which the case was heard. Refer to California Rules of Court 2.100-2.119 for proper format.

Contact Information:

Appeals Division

1415 Truxtun Avenue

Bakersfield, CA 93301


Filing Fee: There is no filing fee for a Notice of Appeal. In some circumstances a fee to prepare a transcript from a court reporter or electronic recording may apply, see California Rule of Court 8.917.

Additional Information: Deadlines for Writ Petitions vary depending on writ type and are outlined in the Information on Writ Proceedings in Misdemeanor, Infraction and Limited Civil Cases (APP-150-INFO) form. Please see this form for full information on what a Writ Petition is, including deadlines, types of Writ Proceedings and frequently asked questions.

Filing an appeal or writ petition does not stop enforcement of a judgment. If you file an appeal or writ petition you must still comply with all the conditions and terms of the judge’s order.