How to Become A Court Approved Arbitrator

As a resource and service to the public, the Superior Court of California, County of Kern maintains a panel of arbitrators who have met the qualifications set by the Court, completed the application process and agreed to comply with all applicable ethics requirements and rules of court.

Arbitrator Qualifications:
Qualification for placement on the Court’s Arbitrator Panel for non-judicial, binding arbitration of civil disputes are:

  1. Completion of the application packet
  2. Attorney with three (3) plus years of experience in the relevant area of law
  3. Two (2) case participant reference evaluations or post arbitration surveys

How to Apply

  1. Arbitration Panel Application Form
  2. Submit the original completed Application Form and attachments to:

    ADR Administrator
    Superior Court of California, County of Kern
    1415 Truxtun Avenue
    Bakersfield, CA 93301

  3. Application Review:
    All information provided by you will be researched by the Court. Applicants are solely responsible for furnishing, verifying and updating their information as necessary. Once your application has been accepted by the Court as an Arbitrator panelist, you must complete and submit the Panelist Profile. The information contained in the Panelist Profile will be posted on the Court’s website and otherwise made available to the public.

For any questions or further information, contact the ADR Coordinator (661) 868-5433 or