Mediation Resources - Forms, Rules and Policies


Form Description Form Name
How to Become a Court Approved Arbitrator Application Form, Information Form & ADR Panelist Statement of Agreement
Mediation Forms Post-Arbitration Survey
Stipulation and Order Form
California Judicial Council ADR Forms
ADR Information Form (optional) ADR-101
Request for Trial De Novo After Judicial Arbitration (optional) ADR-102
Petition After Attorney-Client Fee Dispute Arbitration Award (optional) ADR-103
Rejection of Award and Request for Trial After Attorney-Client Fee Arbitration (optional) ADR-104
Information Regarding Rights After Attorney-Client Fee Arbitration (optional) ADR-105
Petition to Confirm, Correct, or Vacate Contractual Arbitration Award (optional) ADR-106

Rules and Policies

Rule Title Rule Number
California Rules of Court
Purpose and function Rule 3.850
Application Rule 3.851
Definitions Rule 3.852
Voluntary participation and self-determination Rule 3.853
Confidentiality Rule 3.854
Impartiality, conflicts of interest, disclosure, and withdrawal Rule 3.855
Competence Rule 3.856
Quality of mediation process Rule 3.857
Marketing Rule 3.858
Compensation and gifts Rule 3.859
Complaint procedure Rule 3.865


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