Unlimited Civil

Unlimited Civil has jurisdiction over lawsuits of $25,000 or more; labor appeals of $25,000 or more; some harassments (non-family members, elder abuse, workplace harassment), receiverships, writs of mandate, and petitions for name change (adult & minor).

Upon filing an unlimited civil case (over $25,000), a case number is assigned, and the matter is assigned to a judge for all purposes. A Case Management Conference hearing is calendared approximately 180 days from the date of filing. A Notice of Assignment to the judge for all purposes and Notice of Case Management Conference is returned to counsel for service, along with the summons and complaint. Note: A civil case cover sheet must accompany all unlimited civil cases for filing.

Telephonic Court Appearances:
For certain types of civil cases, you have the option of appearing by telephone, via CourtCall. Details about CourtCall