Orientation to Family Law Mediation

"Putting Children First in a Changing Family"

Orientation to Family Law Mediation

Los Ninos Son Prioridad Cuando La Familia Cambia - Instructions

Before you attend mediation and your court hearing, you are required to watch this online program. The program is available here from the court website Your completion of the program will be noted in the court’s information system so the judge and your Family Court Services’ mediator will know if you have completed this requirement.

In order to complete the mandatory program you will be asked to create a log in name and a password. You will need to enter the code word to access the program so that a notation is added to your case that you completed the requirement.

The code word is: kerncourt You will be asked for your case number, and you must enter the entire number of the lead case. For example: S-1501-FL-000000.

It will take you approximately 35 minutes to complete the program. You can take breaks as you work through the presentation. Failure to complete the program before your mediation and court hearing may result in a delay of your case hearing.

The court believes the information provided in this program will help you make better decisions regarding your children and will help you understand the family law process.

Parent Manual

Parent Manual - Spanish

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