Night Court


  1. You must sign up with the Traffic Division no later than noon on the day of the night court session. Metro. Traffic Division Contact Information
  2. You must be unable to attend day court (e.g., because you work or attend school)
  3. If you have multiple citations/cases, you may appear on only one.

Location: {"street_1"=>"3131 Arrow St", "street_2"=>nil, "state"=>"CA", "zip"=>"93308", "city"=>"Bakersfield", "longitude"=>-119.0412459, "latitude"=>35.3878419, "directions"=>""}

Time: Proceedings begin at exactly 5:30 P.M.; you must be in court prior to that time.

Duration: Traffic Night Court is generally concluded by 7:30 PM.

What to Bring: Your citation or courtesy notice.

Payments: Be prepared to make your payment. If you are requesting a payment plan have at least one payment in cash.

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