Non-Mandatory Appearance

If the courtesy notice indicates mandatory appearance for a misdemeanor violation you must appear at your hearing or a warrant will be issued for failure to appear.

If the Courtesy Notice does not indicate Mandatory Appearance, options are to:

  1. Pay the traffic ticket. If you select this option, the traffic ticket will remain on your driving record. Payment Fine Options
  2. If eligible, attend Traffic School. Details on Traffic School
  3. Appear in court

If your ticket originated in the Metropolitan area and you wish to appear in Court as a walk-in, come to the Clerk’s Office on or before the due date on your citation or Courtesy Notice.

If the ticket originated outside the Metropolitan area, go to the court branch listed on your Courtesy Notice on the date indicated.

If appearing in Court, proper attire is required. Shoes and a shirt must be worn and tank tops, hats and shorts are not permitted. How to Prepare for a Court Appearance

If you choose to appear in Court, but are unable to appear on or before the date indicated on your citation/Courtesy Notice, you may contact the Clerk's office (via phone or by visiting) to receive a single 30-day extension.