All Forms

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Title Description Last Updated
What to Transcribe
W9 Payee Data Record
View And Copy Public Records
Video Conference Schedule - Ridgecrest
Unlawful Detainer Default
Unlawful Detainer Complaint
Unlawful Detainer Answer
Understanding Your Benefit ID Card
Typing & 10-Key Certificates
Trial By Declaration
Sup Crt 1125: Response (HS §11361.8) Adult Crime(s)
Sup Crt 1124: Order After Petition/Application (HS §11361.8) Adult Crime(s)
Sup Crt 1123: Petition/Application (HS §11361.8) Adult Crime(s)
Stipulation to Continue and Order Thereon
Stipulation and Order Form
Stipulation and Order for Continuance/Temporary Orders and Continuance
Statement of Classification and Location
State Judicial Council Approved Forms
Small Claims File at home
Shafter Traffic waiver/plea
Shafter & Delano Travel Schedule
Settlement Conference Declaration/Trial Brief
SB 78 Information Technology Appendix Terms and Conditions
Responsive Declaration to Request for Order
Response to Petition for Paternity
Response to Petition for Custody
Response to Dissolution of Marriage
Request to Change Court Order (JV-180)
Request for Temporary Orders: Notice to Other Party
Request for Order
Request for Modification of Criminal Protection Order
Request for Disclosure of Juvenile Case File (JV-570)
Referral for Investigator's Report
Records of Criminal Documents
Receipt for Records - (Criminal)
Proposed Changes to Local Rules of Court
Post-Arbitration Survey
Plaintiff's Claim and Order SC-100
Petition to Obtain Report of Law Enforcement Agency (JV-575)
Petition to Establish Parental Relationship
Petition for Resentencing/Reduction to Misdemeanor
Petition for Declaration of Emancipation of Minor, Order Prescribing Notice, Declaration of Emancipation, and Order Denying Petition (MC-300)
Petition for Custody
Petition for Ability-to-Pay Determination (CRC 4.335); and Order
Parent Manual - Spanish
Parent Manual
Order to Show Cause and Affidavit for Contempt
Order on Court Fee Waiver (FW-003)
Official Reporter Pro Tempore Policy
Official Reporter Pro Tempore FAQ
Notice of Motion and Motion for Order
Notice of Hearing - Emancipation of Minor (MC-305)
Notice of Fee Changes (effective 10/10/15)
Notice of Fee Changes (effective 07/01/2014)
Notice of Entry of Judgement and Proof of Service by Mail Freedom from Parental Custody/Control/Termination of Parental Rights KN-151
Mojave Travel Schedule
Los Ninos Son Prioridad Cuando La Familia Cambia - Instructions
Local Rules of Court
LEP Plan
LAP Complaint Form - English
KRN SUP CRT-CR-410: Order Sealing Arrest Records PC 851.91
KRN SUP CRT-CR-409: Petition for Sealing of Arrest Records PC 851.91
Kern County Superior Court ADR Information Packet
Kern County Fee Schedule (effective 07/01/2014)
Kern County Fee Schedule (effective 01/01/2016)
Kern County Bail Schedule effective Jan. 2019
Kern County Bail Schedule effective Jan. 2018
Kern County Bail Schedule effective Jan. 2017
Kern County Bail Schedule effective Jan. 2016
Kern County Bail Schedule effective Jan. 2015
KERN-0021 Application for Issuance of Writ of Possession of Real Property (Unlawful Detainer)
Juvenile Dependency Petition (JV-100)
Judicial Council Uniform Bail and Penalty Schedule
Judicial Council Statewide Fee Schedules
Interpreter Request Form
Information Sheet on Waiver Of Court Fees and Costs (FW-INFO)
Informal Arraignment by Attorney
Identification Information
HR Contact Information
Handbook for Conservators and Acknowledgment of Receipt
Guide to Official Reporter Pro Tempore
Grand Jury Application 2018
Grand Jury Application 2017
Grand Jury Application 2016
General Service Instructions
Form 501 Prop 47 Response
Form 500 Petition For Resentencing Order
File at Home Instructions
Fee Schedule
Family Law Mediation Travel Schedule
Ex Parte Application for Telephonic Appearance and Order Thereon
Eviction Instructions to the Sheriff of Kern County
Emancipation Pamphlet (MC-301)
Emancipation of Minor Income and Expense Declaration (MC-306)
Emancipated Minor's Application to California Dept. of Motor Vehicles (MC-315)
Electronic/Traditional Writ Declaration
Electronic Notes Upload / Archiving Policy
Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization
Divorce, Separation, Annulment
Default - Petition for Custody
Default - Dissolution of Marriage
Declaration of Emancipation of Minor After Hearing (MC-310)
Declaration of Diligent search and Request to Dispense with Notice
Daily Activity Log
Criminal Informal Arraignements
Criminal Counter Arraignment Order
CRC 5.450/FC6306 Compliance Form
CR-181 Order for Dismissal
CR-180 Petition for Dismissal
Court Reporter Service Request by a Party with a Fee Waiver
Court Reporter Availability 2
Court Reporter Availability 1
Court Reporter Availability
Court Interpreter Services
Court-Approved Official Reporter Pro Tempore Agreement
Court Approved List of Reporters Pro Tempore
Corte Superior del Condando de Kern Paquete de Información ADR
Claim For Payment - Court Interpreters
Civil Harassment (Law Enforcement Information)
Citation Freedom from Parental Custody and Control (Abandonment) (Re: Adoption)
Certificate of Rehab and Pardon Packet
California Court Codes
Budget & Filing
At-Issue Memorandum
Arraignment Appearance
Arbitration Panel Application Form
Appointment of Official Reporter Pro Tempore Form
Application to use Court Facilities
Application, Declaration and Order for Publication of Summons or Citation
Appendix A
Amendment to Kern County Felony Bail Schedule effective Apr. 20 2015
Amendment to Complaint
Affidavit for Issuance of Writ of Execution and Order
Advisor Hours of Operation
Ability to Pay Determination