Metro Division

1415 Truxtun Ave
Bakersfield, CA 93301

Office Hours

Monday 8AM - 4PM
Tuesday 8AM - 4PM
Wednesday 8AM - 4PM
Thursday 8AM - 4PM
Friday 8AM - 12PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Jury Reporting Information


If your group number is not shown please check back after 6PM or call 661-868-4700 or 800-648-8444

To submit a Disqualification/Excuse for Jury Duty or to print proof of service date(s), please click here

Name Floor Room Number Phone Number Email
Administration 2nd 661-868-4934 E-Mail
Alternative Dispute Resolution 2nd 661-868-5433 E-Mail
Appeals 1st 661-868-5393 E-Mail
Civil - Limited 1st 661-868-7204 E-Mail
Civil - Unlimited 1st 661-868-7205 E-Mail
Court Reporters Basement 20 661-868-2640 E-Mail
Criminal - Felony 1st 661-868-7206 E-Mail
Exhibits Basement E-Mail
Finance 2 212 E-Mail
Human Resources 2nd 661-868-4934 E-Mail
Interpreter Services Basement 20 661-868-4673 E-Mail
Judges and Courtroom Support E-Mail
Revenue Recovery E-Mail
Self Help E-Mail
Small Claims 1st 661-868-7204 E-Mail
Small Claims Advisor 1st 661-868-2532 E-Mail
Technology 661-868-2119 E-Mail
Unlawful Detainers 1st 661-868-7204 E-Mail
At the intersection of Truxtun Avenue and L Street, go south on L St. and then turn left into the first available parking lot, located north of the railroad tracks. Park in the open parking lot. The Metropolitan Division is located in the tall building on the southeast corner of Truxtun Avenue and Chester Avenue. It is illegal to bring weaponry into the building. Law enforcement officers will scan your person with metal detectors as you enter the building.