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Ridgecrest, CA 93555

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Jury Reporting Information


If your group number is not shown please check back after 6PM or call 661-868-4700 or 800-648-8444

To receive a reminder message, text your badge number to (661) 200-7322. Have your pin number ready. Please note, you are responsible for appearing on time, whether or not you receive a reminder.

To submit a Disqualification/Excuse for Jury Duty or to print proof of service date(s), please click here

Court Departments

Name Floor Room Number Phone Number Email
Administration (760) 384-5900 E-Mail
Civil - Limited/Small Claims/Unlawful Detainers (760) 384-5900 E-Mail
Criminal (760) 384-5900 E-Mail
Family Law (760) 384-5900 E-Mail
Recorded Message For Jurors (800) 648-8444 E-Mail
Revenue Recovery (760) 384-5900 E-Mail
Traffic Information (760) 384-5900 E-Mail
Traffic School (760) 384-5900 E-Mail


Division A Audio Stream
Division B Audio Stream


The Court Complex is located on the south side of the street. You can see it from the signal on North China Lake Boulevard.