Online Services

Access to Judicial Records

Request access to the Judicial Records via email.

Attorney Late Form

If you are a party to a case, you may call the main courthouse number at 661-868-6957 or fill out this form. Parties to a case should make every effort to be in the correct courtroom at their scheduled time.


Information centered around E-Filing.

Family Law Workshop Schedules

A detailed list of Family Law Workshop Schedules.

Join Court's Press Mailing List

The form to request to join the Court's Press Mailing List.

Juror's Login Page

Access to Juror's Login Page

Odyssey's File and Serve

A direct portal for Odyssey's File and Serve.

Probate Notes

Look up and print probate notes.

Refund of Court Reporter Fees

Information dealing with refunding of Court Reporter Fees.

Traffic Payments

Details related to Traffic Payments.

Transcript Request Form

Details pertaining to Transcript Request Form.

View Red Light Citation

Content related to Red Light Citation.

Family Law Mediation

Content related to Family Law Mediation