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Portal is down for maintenance

(This does not affect Jury Portal)

Todays Hearings, Probate Notes and Case Information is currently unavailable from our public portal, if you are a registered user you can access the secure portal at


Kern Superior Court is committed to meeting your needs. Select one of the following divisions.

  • Appeals

    An appeal is a request to a higher court to review a decision made by a lower court.

  • Civil and Small Claims

    Civil case types include Alternative Dispute Resolution, Limited Civil, Small Claims, Unlawful Detainers,  and Unlimited Civil.

  • Criminal

    General procedures and circumstances can vary. If you have a specific question, call the criminal department to see if you have alternatives.

  • Family Law

    Family Law Refers to actions regarding marital relationships, relationships between parents and children, and violence between family members.

  • Interpreter Services

    The Interpreter Services Division ensures that a person with limited English proficiency is provided a court interpreter free of charge in all mandated case types.

  • Jury Services

    Jury service is one of the most important civic duties. We recognize the sacrifices made by jurors and appreciate the significant role our jurors serve in the American Justice System.

  • Juvenile Justice

    The Juvenile Court is presided over by one of the judges of the circuit court, a court of general, unlimited jurisdiction. The child is not regarded as a criminal.

  • Probate

    Probate Court has original jurisdiction over actions concerning the issuance of marriage licenses, the estate of a deceased person, the will of an individual, the estate of a minor or incapacitated person, trusts, and involuntary commitments.

  • Revenue Recovery

    The mission of Revenue Recovery is to assist people who cannot pay their entire fine at the time of their hearing.

  • Traffic Court

    Within a few weeks of getting the traffic citation, you should receive a Courtesy Notice indicating your fine amount or, if a mandatory appearance is required, your court appearance date and time.

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