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Limited Parking at Juvenile Justice Center

The County of Kern is installing solar panels in the parking lot of Public Health. This will impact parking at the Juvenile Justice Center. 

Metropolitan Division

Courtroom Judge/Commissioner Assignment

Dept. 1

J. Eric Bradshaw Presiding Judge
Dept. 2 Judith K. Dulcich Felony Calendar
Dept. 3 John D. Oglesby Felony Calendar
Dept. 4 Charles R. Brehmer Felony Calendar
Dept. 5 John W. Lua Felony Calendar - Asst. Presiding Judge
Dept. 6 John R. Brownlee Felony Calendar
Dept. 7 Brian M. McNamara Felony Calendar
Dept. 8 Tiffany Organ-Bowles Felony Calendar
Dept. 9 Kenneth C. Twisselman II Felony Calendar
Dept. 10 Bradley King Misdemeanor Calendar
Dept. 11 Elizabet Rodriguez Misdemeanor Calendar
Dept. 12 Chad Louie Misdemeanor Calendar
Dept. 13 Gloria J. Cannon Preliminary Hearings
Dept. 14 Colette M. Humphrey Pre-Preliminary Hearings
Dept. 15 David E. Wolf Felony Criminal Calendar
Dept. 16 Sally Ackerknecht Misdemeanor and Felony Arraignments
Dept. 17 Thomas S. Clark Civil Direct Calendar
Dept. 18 David R. Zulfa

Felony Calendar

Dept. 1A Michael G. Bush Floating/ Utility Judge

Metropolitan Division Justice Building

Courtroom Judge/Commissioner Assignment
Div. A Cynthia L. Loo AB1058; Family Law
Div. B Donald B. Griffith Family Law
Div. C Kevin Moran Family Law
Div. D Raymonda Burnham Marquez Family Law
Div. E Dawn Bittleston Family Law
Div. F Lisa Pacione Family Law
Div. G Tanya R. Richard Domestic Violence; Family Law
Div. H Bernard Barmann, Jr. Unlimited Civil; Civil Writs
Div. J Gregory A. Pulskamp Unlimited Civil; Civil Writs
Div. K Stephanie R. Childers Mental Health/ CARE
Div. L Gina M. Cervantes Small Claims; Civil Limited; UD; Labor Appeals

Juvenile Justice Center

Courtroom Judge/Commissioner Assignment
J1 Brett Myers Probate
J2 Marcus Cuper Juvenile Justice
J3 Christie Canales Norris Juvenile Dependency 
J4 Susan M. Gill Juvenile Dependency 

Traffic Court

Courtroom Judge/Commissioner Assignment
T1 Keenan Perkins Traffic Calendar
T2 T. Mark Smith Unlimited Civil; Civil Writs


Courtroom Judge/Commissioner Assignment
Delano A Jose R. Benavides Family Law; Misdemeanor; Felony
Delano B Floater  
Delano C Michael A. Caves Prison Court 


Courtroom Judge/Commissioner Assignment
Shafter A Wendy Avila North Kern Floater; 1172.6 Back-up
Shafter B Marcos Camacho Shafter Court; CEQA


Courtroom Judge/Commissioner Assignment
Lamont A Bryan K. Stainfield Lamon Court
Lamont Andrew Kendall Lamont Court; 1172.6 Back-Up


Courtroom Judge/Commissioner Assignment
Mojave A Kenneth R. Green Mojave Court
Mojave B Jason W. Webster Mojave Court
Mojave C    


Courtroom Judge/Commissioner Assignment
Ridgecrest A Kenneth G. Pritchard Ridgecrest Court
Ridgecrest B Murray Robertson Mojave Court; Ridgecrest Court Floater

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