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Metropolitan Division

Courtroom Judge/Commissioner Assignment

Dept. 1

J. Eric Bradshaw Presiding Judge
Dept. 2 Judith K. Dulcich Felony Calendar
Dept. 3 John D. Oglesby Felony Calendar
Dept. 4 Charles R. Brehmer Felony Calendar
Dept. 5 John W. Lua Felony Calendar
Dept. 6 John R. Brownlee Felony Calendar - Asst. Supervising Judge
Dept. 7 Brian M. McNamara Felony Calendar
Dept. 8 Gregory A. Pulskamp Felony Calendar
Dept. 9 Kenneth C. Twisselman II Felony Calendar - Supervising Judge
Dept. 10 Gloria J. Cannon Misdemeanor Calendar - Asst. Supervising Judge
Dept. 11 Stephanie R. Childers Misdemeanor Calendar
Dept. 12 Chad Louie Misdemeanor Calendar - Supervising Judge
Dept. 13 Tiffany Organ-Bowles Preliminary Hearings
Dept. 14 Colette M. Humphrey Pre-Preliminary Hearings; - Asst. Presiding Judge
Dept. 15 Elizabet Rodriguez Felony Criminal Calendar
Dept. 16 Sally Ackerknecht Misdemeanor and Felony Arraignments
Dept. 17 Thomas S. Clark Civil Direct Calendar - Supervising Judge
Dept. 18 Michael G. Bush Felony Calendar

Metropolitan Division Justice Building

Courtroom Judge/Commissioner Assignment
Div. A Cynthia L. Loo AB1058; Family Law
Div. B Lisa Pacione Family Law
Div. C Kevin Moran Family Law
Div. D Raymonda Burnham Marquez Family Law - Asst. Supervising Judge
Div. E Dawn Bittleston Family Law
Div. F Stephen D. Schuett Family Law - Supervising Judge
Div. G Donald B. Griffith Domestic Violence; Family Law
Div. H Bernard Barmann, Jr. Unlimited Civil; Civil Writs - Asst. Supervising Judge
Div. J David R. Zulfa Unlimited Civil; Civil Writs
Div. K Therese M. Foley Mental Health LPS/6500 and 1026
Div. L Gina M. Cervantes Small Claims; Civil Limited; UD; Labor Appeals

Juvenile Justice Center

Courtroom Judge/Commissioner Assignment
J1 Brett Myers Probate
J2 Wendy Avila Juvenile Justice
J3 Christie Canales Norris Juvenile Dependency - Asst. Supervising Judge
J4 Susan M. Gill Juvenile Dependency - Supervising Judge

Traffic Court

Courtroom Judge/Commissioner Assignment
T1 Keenan Perkins Traffic Calendar
T2 T. Mark Smith Unlimited Civil; Civil Writs


Courtroom Judge/Commissioner Assignment
Delano A Jose R. Benavides Family Law; Misdemeanor; Felony
Delano B Andrew Kendall Civil Unlimited; Civil Limited
Delano C David E. Wolf Prison Court - Asst. Supervising Judge


Courtroom Judge/Commissioner Assignment
Shafter A Tanya R. Richard Felony; Misdemeanor; Traffic; Family Law; Civil Limited; Civil Unlimited
Shafter B Marcos Camacho Felony; Misdemeanor; Traffic; Family Law; Civil Limited; Civil Unlimited - Supervising Judge


Courtroom Judge/Commissioner Assignment
Lamont A Bryan K. Stainfield Felony; Misdemeanor - Supervising Judge
Lamont Michael A. Caves Lamont Court


Courtroom Judge/Commissioner Assignment
Mojave A Kenneth R. Green Felony; Misdemeanor; Traffic - Asst. Supervising Judge
Mojave B Jason W. Webster Family Law; Traffic; Civil Limited


Courtroom Judge/Commissioner Assignment
Ridgecrest A Kenneth G. Pritchard Felony; Misdemeanor; Traffic; Family Law; Civil Limited - Supervising Judge
Ridgecrest B Murray Robertson AB1058

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