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Kern County Community Outreach

Vision Statement

It is our vision to ensure that all members of the public have access to a fair and independent court that provides justice under the law, and serves each person professionally, with integrity and respect.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Kern County Superior Court is to provide justice fairly and efficiently for all.

Kern County Judges' Speakers Bureau

The Kern County Superior Court (KCSC) has a speaker’s bureau which will provide judges or commissioners to speak to any group which seeks information about the duties and responsibilities of Judges and Commissioners.

While a judicial officer may not speak about a pending case, they can explain the judicial process and the factors which can be considered in reaching a decision. They can also speak about the process of becoming a Judge and the paths that lead to that position.

To request a speaker for your group, contact the Judicial Secretary.

KCSC Strategic Plan

Rule 10.603(c)(9) of the California Rules of Court requires the presiding judge of the Superior Court to: (a) prepare and adopt, with assistance from appropriate court committees and input from the community, a long-range strategic plan that is consistent with the plan and policies of the Judicial Council, and (b) ensure the court regularly and actively examines access issues, including physical, language, or economic barriers that impede the fair administration of justice.

  • Vision for Access to Courts
  • Vision for Court Facilities & Security
  • Vision for Courtroom Operations
  • Vision for Court Administration, Finance & Public Affairs
  • Vision for Court Technology
  • Vision for Jury Services
  • Vision for Court Excellence

The strategic plan is a resource for efficient court management, not a “wish list” or “checklist” of things to do. It should facilitate the successful implementation of initiatives the court now sees as a priority, but never at the expense of good sense. If unforeseen circumstances arise, new strategies may be required, and the plan may have to change. The plan may also provide reasons to postpone or decide against new undertakings that do not immediately serve the KCSC vision.

The plan is informed with input from judicial officers, court management and staff, stakeholders and court users, civic leaders and members of our community. The plan has been examined for consistency with the plan and policies of the Judicial Council. Careful consideration has been given to access issues and barriers that may impede the fair administration of justice.

KCSC Strategic Plan

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