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Limited Parking at Juvenile Justice Center

The County of Kern is installing solar panels in the parking lot of Public Health. This will impact parking at the Juvenile Justice Center. The project is expected to last through May 1, 2024.

Preparing for a Court Appearance

A Guide To Representing Yourself in Court

You are scheduled to appear in court. You will be appearing in court without an attorney.

You are not alone—every year more people are doing the same thing. The courts may seem complicated and confusing, but there are many resources to help you. This Web page provides general information that will help you to prepare for any kind of court appearance. Preparation ahead of time will help the judge to understand your case and to make a fair ruling.

Kern County Law Library iPodcasts / Videos

Family Law Access Project (FLAP)

Through collaboration and funding with Equal Access Funds, the Kern County Superior Court and Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance, Inc. offers workshops on Pleading Preparation and Mediation and Presenting Your Case At Court.
All FLAP workshops and walk-in services are provided by trained paralegals and supervised by the Family Law Facilitator, at the Office of the Family Law Facilitator, Kern County Superior Court, Metropolitan Division - Justice Building, 1215 Truxtun Avenue, 1st Floor, Bakersfield, California.

Video About Court Appearance

Dependency video

Delinquency video

For a short informational video, visit

Court Appearance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Click on the topics/questions below for more information.

Court is a business type of environment. Dress as if you are going to a job interview. Be clean and neat. Shorts, tank tops and flip-flop sandals are not allowed. Chewing gum, food, drinks, tobacco, etc. is not allowed in the courtrooms.

You need to arrive at the courthouse at least 30 minutes before your scheduled court appearance. It is very important that you allow plenty of time to park and find your assigned courtroom. If you are not in the courtroom when your case is called, the judge may dismiss your case, make a decision without hearing your side of the story or issue a warrant for your arrest.

Parking is located south of the main entrance to the Juvenile Justice Center in the parking lot shared with the Public Health Department. Additional parking is located at Kern Medical Center.

It is illegal to bring weaponry into the courthouse. Law enforcement officers will scan your person with metal detectors as you enter the courthouse. Any metal object on your body must be removed and inspected, including belt buckles, steel-toed shoes, and all phones.

If you need help in locating your name, ask for help at the court information booth. Once you are in a courtroom contact the Sheriff's Deputy (the bailiff) in the courtroom if you are not sure that you are in the correct courtroom, or if you need to leave briefly for any reason.

Business Casual is HIGHLY recommended.
The following will get you removed from court

  • Shorts
  • Backless or strapless garments, or garments with "spaghetti" or thin straps baring the shoulders, including halter tops
  • Bare midriffs including "crop tops" (skin should not show between the shirt/top hem and the waistband of the skirt/pant)
  • Tank Tops
  • Hats shall not be permitted unless worn for religious purposes
  • Glasses with darkened lenses unless prescription or worn for medical reasons
  • Bare feet are not permitted
  • Chewing gum
  • Food or drinks
  • The use of tobacco products is prohibited throughout the courthouse

Cell Phone cables are allowed.

Aerosol Cans - Any type
Cable / Rope
Camera / Video Camera, per crc 1.150
Chains any size / wallet chains
Drug Paraphernalia
Glass Bottles
Hair Spray
Handcuff Keys
Knitting Needles
Large safety pins
Laser Pointers
Markers / Paint / Spray Cans
Martial Art Items
Metal Knuckles
Nail Files / Nail Clippers / any size
p38 can opener
Pepper Spray / Mace / Dog repellents
Perfume / Cologne
Razors / Box Cutters
Recording Devices
Retractable I.D. / Key Holders
Scissors / any size or type
Spikes / Hair Picks
Studded Belts
Stun / Toy / Replica Guns
Tools / Any size
Weapons / Knives
Wire combs - any size or any type

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