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Limited Parking at Juvenile Justice Center

The County of Kern is installing solar panels in the parking lot of Public Health. This will impact parking at the Juvenile Justice Center. 

Standing Orders

This list of standing orders contains the operative orders issued from 2018 to the present, and a longstanding operative order from 1996. This list is in the process of being updated to add older operative standing orders, which although not currently posted, continue to apply in the Superior Court of California, County of Kern.

  • STO-24-0006 - Electronic Services of Documents
  • STO-24-0004 - SO Expungement Clinic
  • STO-24-0001 - Order Permitting Criminal Proceedings to be Held at Mechanics Bank Arena
  • STO-23-0013 - Unsealing and Destruction of Search Warrants in Multi-Divisionals
  • STO-23-0012 - Change of Availability of Court Reporters for Family Law Matters at Metro Division
  • STO-23-0010 - Expansion of Venue for Family Law Cases in Lamont
  • STO-23-0009 - Expansion of Venue for Criminal Cases in North Kern Courthouses
  • Implementation Emergency Order - February 22, 2023
  • STO-22-0014 - Authority of Deputy Clerk Over Payment and/or Conversion of Civil Assessments Pursuant to PC 1214.1 and/or 1214.2(A) (Amended)
  • STO-22-0013 - Restrictions on Possession of Weapons in Courthouse (Amended)
  • STO-22-0009 - Court Reporter Availability in Cases Arising Under the Mentally Disordered Offenders Act
  • STO-22-0010  - Court Reporter Availability in Mental Health Civil Cases
  • STO-21-0014 - Change of Availability of Court Reporters for Family Law Matters at the Metropolitan Division: Dec 23, 2021
  • STO-21-0009 - Restricting Access to Protect Confidential Criminal Information
  • STO-19-0005 - Regulating Media Activity Outside the Courtroom, Use of Recording and Photography Devices in Courthouse Facilities
  • STO-19-0004 - Expressive Activity

  • STO-24-0002 - Temporary Venue for Expungement Petitions resulting from the expungement clinic held on May 10, 2024
  • STO-23-0011 - Unsealing and Destruction of Search Warrants
  • STO-23-0008 Permissive Electronic Filing of Charging Documents
  • STO-23-0005 - Discontinuing the Imposition of Civil Assessments Upon Failure to Appear or Failure to Pay
  • STO-22-0008 - Stipulation for Production of Unredacted Coroner's Case File
  • STO-21-0011 - Implementation of Assembly Bills 177 and 1869 for Imposition or Collection of Criminal Administrative Fees
  • STO-21-0004 - Access to Previously Filed Reports in Criminal Cases by Counsel of Record
  • SO - Stipulation; Standing Order for Pretrial Discovery
  • BCM-18-000018 - Standing Order - Personal Juror Information and Jury Ladders

  • STO-24-0003 - Designation of Civil Document as Confidential in e-Filing System
  • STO-20-0016 - Implementation of AB 3088

  • SO-2024-01 - Inspections of Kern County Probation Department Detention Facilities
  • STO-23-0008 Permissive Electronic Filing of Charging Documents
  • SO-2023-01 - Standing Order - Dependency Visitation
  • SO-2022-02 - Access to Records to Facilitate Wrap Around Services
  • STO-2023-02 - Order Permitting Release of Certified Minute Orders in Limited Circumstances
  • SO-2021-05 - Access to Records to Facilitate Lawful Immigration Status of Dependent Minors and Non-Minors
  • SO-2020-01 - Release of Information to Court Investigators by Kern County Department of Human Services
  • SO-2018-02 - Appointment of Essential History Court Appointed Special Advocate (EH-CASA) in Dependency Cases

  • STO-23-0007 - Remote Hearings for Department of Child Support Services Matters.
  • SO - Waiver of Conflict/Temporary Judges in Family Law Department

  • STO-19-0002 - Order Permitting Kern County Public Administrator to Take Possession or Control of the Property of the Decedent

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