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Judicial Records Request

Privacy Notice

If you choose to send us personal information by e-mailing us, we normally use the information to respond to your message and for no other purpose. We do not create individual profiles with the information you provide or give it to any other public or private organization for commercial purposes or otherwise. The one exception to this policy is if you send us a threat or a message that describes or promotes unlawful activity, we will share those messages with law enforcement. Any e-mail sent using this form will include the sender's IP Address.

Response time is subject to the number of e-mails received. 


Superior Court of California, County of Kern court employees are prohibited from giving legal advice per section 24004 and 68082 of the Government Code. In addition, court employees may not give advice as to which legal forms to use or how to complete the forms.


  • 50 cents per page
  • generic search is an initial $15.00 fee

Because the fees for photocopying cannot be determined in advance, please include a check made payable to “Kern County Superior Court”. Leave both areas for the amount blank. In the memo section of your check (located in the lower left-hand corner) please make the notation “Not to exceed $50.00.” A complete itemization of the charges will be included with your copies. Be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your request.

I have read the disclaimer and agree to all of these terms and conditions

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