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Limited Parking at Juvenile Justice Center

The County of Kern is installing solar panels in the parking lot of Public Health. This will impact parking at the Juvenile Justice Center. The project is expected to last through May 1, 2024.

Temporary Judges Program


Attorneys who meet certain specifications, as outlined in the CRC 2.812, are invited to apply to serve as Temporary Judges.


1. They must be an attorney in good standing with the State Bar of California and meet the other general conditions outlined in CRC 2.812.

2. They must complete the online fill-in Application for Temporary Judges and submit it to:
Superior Court of California, County of Kern
Attn: Yadira Jimenez
1215 Truxtun Ave.
Bakersfield, CA 93301

Application for Temporary Judges Privacy Notice

If you choose to fill in the following form(s) online, the information entered will be used only for printing the form and will not be kept electronically for any purpose.

If other people have access to this computer, you can keep them from seeing what you entered. To do this, please press the clear button at the end of the form when finished printing.

3. They must complete the training requirements outlined in the CRC 2.812. The Education Division of the Administrative Office of the Courts has developed online training that will meet a portion of the requirements.

Live Bench Conduct and Demeanor course

There are currently no Live Bench Conduct and Demeanor trainings scheduled. Please e-mail for more information..  

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