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Limited Parking at Juvenile Justice Center

The County of Kern is installing solar panels in the parking lot of Public Health. This will impact parking at the Juvenile Justice Center. 

Self Help

If you do not have an attorney, the Self-Help Center and Family Law Facilitator staff and volunteers may be able to assist you with procedural information and instruction on completing forms.

Self Help Staff

Self Help Center staff are available to help parties with:

  • Starting a divorce, legal separation, or nulity
  • Requesting or modifying order for child custody/visitation and child and spousal support.
  • Finishing your case by default judgement or stipulated agreement.
  • Starting, terminating and clearing guardianship notes.

Self Help services are available by appointment only as follows:

Monday - Thursday

2:00pm to 4:00pm

To schedule an appointment please contact the Self Help Center at: (661) 610-6518

Self-Help Cases

  1. Petitions for Guardianship of the Person, clearing of Guardianship notes
  2. Petitions for Dissolution, Establish Parentage, Custody and Visitation
  3. Requests for Orders (Child Custody, Visitation, Child Support*)
  4. Default Dissolution, legal separation and Nullity
  5. Small Claims
  6. Limited Civil Matters

Step-by-Step Instructions Online

The State of California provides online information and resources for people representing themselves in a court case. Access these easy-to-read step-by-step instructions for navigating your court case from any device. 

California Self-Help Guide

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