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2023 Open Enrollment

Welcome to the Open Enrollment period for the 2023 Plan Year!  All employees of the Superior Court should have received an Open Enrollment letter, which was mailed in late September 2022.  In our continuing effort to keep health costs low, the Court has opted to continue to conduct its Open Enrollment period electronically.  All documents are available by clicking the appropriate links below.

Open Enrollment periods are an excellent time to make changes to your health plan, such as adding or dropping dependents, when you would otherwise be unable to do so without sustaining a qualifying life event, such as a marriage, divorce, birth or death, or the gaining or losing of benefit coverage elsewhere during the course of the year.  Additionally, Open Enrollment is also the time each year when elections to the Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Plans must be made.  *Please note: Participation in an FSA plan(s) does not automatically carry over to the next available plan year; therefore, participation in FSA plans must be renewed each year and any remaining unused funds from the prior plan year will forfeited by the enrollee.

As always, the Court’s Open Enrollment period will run for the full month of October (October 1, 2022 through October 31, 2022), with all forms being received by Human Resources, no later than Monday, October 31, 2022 at 5:00 p.m.  It is important to note that any changes made during this annual Open Enrollment period do not take effect until January 1st of the new plan year (January 1, 2023).  Please also note that in order to add new dependents, you must complete and return the 2023 HealthComp Enrollment Form and attach a copy of all supporting documentation of the dependent(s) relation to you, such as a marriage certificate (if adding a spouse), or a birth certificate or other Court-related documentation (if adding a child under the age of 26).

The Court will continue to offer employees the ability to enroll in the Court’s PPO Medical, Prescription, Dental and Vision plans; or, if you are presently enrolled in an HMO plan that you are pleased with, but are lacking the Dental and Vision components, you have the ability to obtain just the Dental and Vision component available through the Court.  Unfortunately, our PPO Medical and Prescription plans do not coordinate benefit coverage with HMO plans (unless they are state-funded, such as Medicare or Medi-Cal); therefore, enrolling in full coverage through the Court’s PPO plan while remaining covered by another HMO plan could become problematic for members.  Employees’ who will be dropping coverage through the Court’s plan, or who are electing the Dental and Vision only component, should be prepared to provide proof of other health insurance.

We are extremely pleased to announce that our premium rates will not change for the upcoming 2023 Plan Year. Therefore, the bi-weekly premium rates for the 2023 plan year are as follows:

Rates effective January 1, 2023 (Active, Full-time Employees)

Employee $0.00 $0.00
Employee + 1 $69.71 $3.99
Employee + 2 or more $139.18 $8.10

*The Court will continue to cover 100% of the bi-weekly premiums for employees and their eligible dependents, if they were hired prior to April 15, 1997.

Last, but not least, the Court is excited to announce that we will be offering two new voluntary benefit plans in 2023 (Voluntary Pet Protection Insurance and Voluntary Critical Illness Insurance), both of which will be available through a convenient payroll deduction.  For more detailed information about these new voluntary plans, please see the “Other Benefits” tile, or sections located with the above “2023 Benefits of Employment Guide.”

Extra Help/Temporary/Retired Annuitants

For those of you who are employed as Extra Help/Temporary/or Retired Annuitants, the Court continues to offer the limited scope of benefits inclusive of Medical, Prescription and EAP ONLY at this time.  While you may be employed for a limited period of time, if your current benefits are scheduled to go beyond January 1, 2023, you are able to make changes to your current elections during this Open Enrollment period.  Just like “Active” employees, any changes you make during this Open Enrollment (10/1/2022 – 10/31/2022), do not take effect until January 1, 2023.  Below are the forms you will need to utilize if you need to add, drop or change coverage.

Rates effective January 1, 2023 (Extra Help/Temp/Retired Annuitant Employees)

Employee $0.00  
Employee + 1 $65.72  
Employee + 2 or more $131.08  

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