You can now electronically file your Writ of Execution, Writ of Possession and Abstract of Judgment at all court locations. Your writ or abstract will be returned to you electronically. Please note that writs and abstracts must be printed in color and submitted to the proper agency.



Effective, Monday, August 15, 2016, Kern County Superior Court will be posting the notices pertaining to CRC 3.110 et. seq., 3.740 et. seq., and Notice of Assignment / Case Management Conference on Portal. To access this notice, visit www.kern.courts.ca.gov, click on the Quick Link for Non-Criminal Case Information. Enter the case number and select Search. Once in the case, the notice will be located in the Documents section. Should you have any questions, please contact the Civil Department where your case was filed.

Effective, Monday, August 15, 2016, Return of Orders filed electronically: When submitting an electronically filed document that requires the signature of a Judicial Officer, you will need to send an email to the correct department and location of the court and request a copy of the document. This can be done from the courts website by selecting the locations link on the left side of the home page and e-mailing the correct department.

Effective May 31, 2016 Mozilla Firefox will no longer support websites that use Silverlight, including the current eFile and Serve website. Firefox users will receive a message that their web browser is not compatible, and are encouraged to use Internet Explorer 11 or older to eFile. Mac users should use Safari.

To see a full list of compatible browsers and operating systems with Silverlight, please visit Microsoft's website then click on the "System Requirements" tab.

Alternatively, a new version of the site that is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari is available for eFiling. The new version can be accessed at this web address: California.Tylerhost.net

Filers are asked to please submit their filings with the following specifications in order to eliminate rejected filings:Scanned documents using a PDF Producer such as Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word.(iTextSharp, NitroPro, and ActivePDF are examples of non-standard PDF producers which will cause errors)Paper size of scanned document set to 8.50 x 11.00A resolution higher than 300dpiNo embedded fontsShould your document need to be rejected due to these reasons, please print your document and rescan it using a supported PDF Producer.



Effective May 2015, Kern County Superior Court removed CaseFax and began a new Electronic "E-File" Service for Civil, Family Law, and Probate. We encourage attorneys and law offices to utilize electronic filing now to become proficient with the process before electronic filing becomes mandatory in Kern.



Submitted filings prior to 11:59:59 p.m. will be deemed filed day the same day. Filings submitted after 11:59:59 p.m. or on a weekend/holiday will be deemed filed the next business day. All times are Pacific Standard Time.

Submitted E­-filings should be in compliance with California Rules of Court 2.250­-2.261 and any other required rule or statute applicable to the filing. The Court may require production of the original document(s) E­-filed.

Effective Monday, August 15, 2016, selected Notices will be available on-line. Those Notices are Notice of 3.740 hearings, Notice of 3.110 hearing, Notice of Case Management Conference, and Notice of Assignment. Once you have electronically filed your new suit and confirmation of acceptance has been provided to you, please search the Non-Criminal Case Information for your case number. Click on “Documents” and print your Notice(s). You should now be ready to serve your documents.

Please contact the Civil Department at 661­-868-­5393 prior to filing into a Complex Case. For Complex Cases see California Rules of Court: 3.400­-3.403.

Formatting Tips:

  • Please accurately enter information.
  • When entering Party names and addresses for the very first time, enter this information in all CAPITALS, otherwise select the party name.
  • Kern County no longer requires the Facsimile Transmission Page.
  • There is a 50 megabyte size limit per envelope.
  • Exhibits should be bookmarked. How do I add Bookmarks to a PDF document?

Kern is not accepting the following documents through eFileCA (subject to change):

  • Appeals
  • Elder Abuse
  • Probate Petitions Initiating A New Case
  • Wills/Codicils
  • Bonds
  • Abandonments
  • Adoptions
  • Termination of Parental Rights
  • Domestic Violence
  • Surrogacy Actions
  • Petitions to Establish Parental Rights
  • Foreign Custody Decree
  • Foreign Divorce Decree
  • Registration of Out of State Order
  • Reciprocal incoming/outgoing ­UIFSA
  • Letters (probate, guardianship, conservatorship)

For E­-File Filer Support (Technical Difficulties), please contact Tyler Technologies at 800­-297-­5377.

For Court Support, please contact Gabrielle McNitt at 661-868-4953.

For more information regarding Electronic Filing Service Providers (EFSP) please visit www.odysseyefileca.com/service-providers

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