Self Help Center

The Self-Help Center is available via phone (661) 868-2532 or email

The Self Help Center is designed to provide free legal resources and assistance to self-represented litigants, also known as "Pro Pers". Self Help Center offers services in various areas of the law. The Self Help Center and Law Library staff can help you understand the legal process and necessary steps to receive your day in court.

The Self Help Center includes access to copiers, fax, computers, the internet, research materials, forms, and a friendly staff to "help you help yourself". Copies and fax services are available at a low cost and Resources are free of charge to you. Kern County Law Library Services

Workshops are frequently held in the Self Help Center to educate the public about how the legal system works in different areas of law. Click on link to view
Self Help Workshop / Clinics Schedule .

The Self Help Center can provide you with the following services:

  1. Talk with a well trained Self Help staff member to determine what legal forms and steps you need to take to file your lawsuit.
  2. Provide you with procedural information, sample packets and forms on these types of cases:
    1. Civil harassment
    2. Consumer law
    3. Elder abuse
    4. Expungements
    5. Unlawful detainers (evictions)
    6. Small claims
    7. Guardianships
    8. Probate
    9. Criminal
    10. Traffic
  3. Check your legal forms for accuracy and file readiness.
  4. Help you comply with instructions from judicial officers and other court staff to keep your case progressing.
  5. Provide information on what civil mediation services are available to you so you can resolve your case before trial.
  6. Assist persons needing special accommodations to access the court.

Instructions and other resources

Form's Instructions:
Domestic Violence
Family Law
LawHelp Interactive
Small Claims
Video Information
Other Resources:
Business Search
California Court Self-Help Center help and information
California Department of Consumer Affairs
California Judicial Council forms
California Law
Kern County Law Library
Kern County Sheriff for service of civil court papers
Small Claims
Local Rules of Court
Unlawful Detainer (evictions)
Virtual Self-Help Law Center
Centro Virtual de Ayuda Legal

The Self Help Center is NOT intended to take the place of advice of legal counsel. The Superior Court of California, County of Kern court employees are prohibited from giving legal advice per Government Code sections 24004 and 68082. The services provided by the self-help staff are not intended to give one side of a case an advantage over the other, and that no attorney-client relationship exists between the self-help center personnel and the litigant using the center. This means that communications between the litigant and the self-help center attorneys, staff, or volunteers are not privileged and that the self-help center staff may provide services to the other party.