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Limited Parking at Juvenile Justice Center

The County of Kern is installing solar panels in the parking lot of Public Health. This will impact parking at the Juvenile Justice Center. 

Court Filing Fees


  1. No pleadings may be filed that do not comply with Rule 201 of the California Rules of Court. All documents must be legible. All papers presented for filing must be pre-punched in the standard two-hole position.
  2. This office will provide only one conformed copy of any filed document. Copies of documents submitted for filing will not be returned by mail unless a self-addressed stamped envelope is provided.
  3. Unless otherwise noted, make checks/money orders payable to
    Kern County Superior Court
  4. If a check is returned unpaid to this office, a notice will be sent to the filing party stating they have twenty-two days in which to pay the check by cash or cashier's check plus a $50.00 returned check fee pursuant to G.C. 71386. Failure to respond to this notice will result in the destruction of the document without further notice.

Fee Schedules:

  1. Notice of New Fees - Kern (Effective 01/01/2022)
  2. News Release: Civil Filing Fees
  3. Kern County Fee Schedule (Effective 01/01/2022)
  4. Kern County Fee Schedule (Effective 01/01/2020)
  5. Judicial Council Statewide Fee Schedules (effective 01/01/2022)
  6. Copy Fees

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