Media Relations

This page is for the news media. Therefore, changes to this page will be made only for purposes of news releases or high-profile court cases and all news releases will be posted on the main page.

Requests and Court Rules

Press Release Mailing List

Members of the Press Release Mailing List will receive e-mail notification of all press releases and certain high profile cases as authorized by the assigned judge.
  • The first time an e-mail address is returned as undeliverable, it will be deleted from the list.

Designated Interview Locations in each courthouse are as follows:
  • 1415 Truxtun Avenue, Bakersfield - First floor, in front of the Court Lobby display in the Northeast corner of the lobby;
  • 1415 Truxtun Avenue, Bakersfield - Second Floor, adjacent to Department 1 and Department 2;
  • 1215 Truxtun Avenue, Bakersfield - First floor, Northwest lobby of the Court.
Designated Interview Locations for the following facilities:
  • Juvenile Justice Center, 2100 College Ave, Bakersfield
  • Metro Traffic, 3131 Arrow Street, Bakersfield
  • Delano Regional Court Facility, 1122 Jefferson Street, Delano
  • Shafter Regional Court Facility, 325 Central Valley Highway, Shafter
  • Lamont Regional Court Facility, 12022 Main Street, Lamont
  • Kern River Regional Court Facility, 7046 Lake Isabella Blvd, Lake Isabella
  • Mojave Regional Court Facility, 1773 Highway 58, Mojave
  • Ridgecrest Regional Court Facility, 132 East Coso Ave., Ridgecrest
  • Taft Regional Court Facility, 311 Lincoln Street, Taft
  • Kern River Regional Court Facility, 7046 Lake Isabella Blvd., Lake Isabella
  • Lobby area as designated by Court security personnel on duty